Mobile Application Development

Globally, the mobile market is experiencing revolutionary demand for next-generation technology, and growth is exponential. Today end users are more advanced and demand/expect mobile applications with more processing power, affability, reliability, security, and adaptability in mobile applications. DC has the tools, processes, and experience necessary to help you develop mobile applications quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Focus Areas - Developing Mobile Applications :

  • Native mobile web and Hybrid application development
  • Location-Based Services (LBS)
  • Social Networking
  • Enterprise
  • Multimedia
  • Utility
  • Content Management
  • Travel
  • Mobile application testing (Quality, Usability, Performance and Security)
  • System Integration
  • Healthcare
  • Finance

iPad Application Development :

After mobile industry conquered the PC industry, Tablets are the most used devices.Apple has Renowned brand across the global horizon in the mobile industry and Apple iPad has dominated the Tablet segment in the market. Our team of iPad developers understand the Client requirements and offer solutions accordingly. Even now our team of designers and engineers are working for better application development for the next generation of iPad Retina display application. Our team develops iPad applications and focuses more on detailing, to ensure that every functionality of your app is appropriate and developed to a high standard.



Web Application Development

We have extensive experience in web design and development .We design and develop broad range of applications across all platforms.We are known for delivering highly reliable and durable software applications in performance.

Mobile Application Development

We are efficient in mobile application development and can come up with a best solution for any idea or problem irrespective of industry.

E-Commerce & Solutions

Today Lot of businesses are adopting e-commerce platform to make their businesses run smoothly with enhanced profit and growth.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the current trend of marketing strategy for your business. Compared to the traditional marketing, digital marketing is best in many aspects and provide profitable results.