The world is trending towards being more digital as younger generations are emerging. More and more mobile centric business models will be required. The trends are suggesting that majority of the consumer transactions will be made on a smartphone or tablet than on a traditional PC. This means digital will be everywhere, even in the most traditional industries.
But most importantly the digital world will integrate much more into the real world. While today online and offline are still widely separated it will be perfectly combined in the future and seamlessly integrated. Currently businesses offer little online experience during a physical experience.
This will change dramatically in the near future. Retailers will act as show rooms where the customer will order in-store by smartphone. Event visitors will receive onsite promotions on their smartphone.
Insurers will have to completely restructure their sales channels, as people will receive mobile advice and mobile insurance management. Banking services will be entirely disrupted, as they will not be needed anymore when offering a mortgage, since house owners can obtain such a mortgage through crowd-finance. Car drivers do not need to circle around the block anymore as intelligent mobile services will lead the car automatically to the next available parking space which has been pre-reserved by the app.

Our Vision at DC is to be a top-tier organization that delivers interactive mobile technology solutions to clients all over the globe, while providing a dynamic and stimulating environment for our employees needed internally to reach our lofty goal. Our vision conveys our highest aspirations. It points to what we do best and speaks of the importance that our clients play in our journey.
Our Mission is to inspire brands to create meaningful interactions with their customers through technology and creativity. Our mission guides us through our decisions and actions. It's at the heart of our being. To put in simpler terms, we believe through “Big Ideas” we inspire, and through creativity and technology, we create meaningful interactions.
The business philosophy of the company is to focus on the exact outcome of the product and project which shall conquer the entire market with its high performance and compatibility. Developers Code meets Delivering Right Solutions Right Time. Great stress is laid on proper communication, transparency and human relations, which form an integral part of the corporate culture.